Live the Elegant Life
with Luxury at your Fingertips

About Our Brand

Welcome to Velvet Luxury! We’re a proudly black owned online jewelry store which originally started in Nigeria as Velvet Sparkles with the aim to provide beautiful, sustainable and durable wedding and engagement rings to the African market as a result of the considerable lack of modern, trendy yet affordable jewelry in the region.

Our Story...

We have since grown to include other jewelry offerings, including semi luxury bridal and every day jewelry and the demand by the market for this led to the creation of our luxury jewelry arm, Velvet Luxury. Now based in London UK, following a move of our founder to the UK, Velvet Luxury holds the same vision, to provide extremely durable, beautiful, modern and trendy luxury jewelry at truly affordable prices to the UK and European market.

Our Beliefs...

At Velvet Luxury, we believe that everyone deserves to own a piece of luxury and with our promise of fairness and transparency, our mission is to make luxury jewelry accessible to everyone. This way, everyone can have a piece of beautiful sparkle to make them smile everyday.

We do this by sourcing straight from the manufacturers of the raw materials, thereby cutting away a lot of the middle men in the jewelry production process. This way we are able to save thousands of pounds per item and pass those savings to you, our customers.

In the words of our founder, “a smile can take you from basic to elegant in no time and the right jewelry is sure to put that smile on your face” so come with us and live the elegant life with Velvet Luxury