Our Guarantee

Our products are fully guaranteed for the duration of 2 years to be free from defects or bad craftsmanship and only of natural origins (unless clearly stated otherwise). 

Our Warranty Policy

All of our pieces come with an inclusive one year warranty. Any repairs needed in the first year of having your piece are complimentary unless it is deemed purposeful or excessive damage. Any repairs needed after that one year period is offered at our cost with no additional fees. Your warranty starts on the day the purchasing client receives the piece. Any work done to a Velvet Luxury piece by an outside jeweler will result in a voided warranty. This is just because we can never guarantee the work of others.

We believe in full transparency with our clients, so here is what our warranty covers:

Incidental Wear and Tear i.e any minor damage that can occur over time. This can be classified as but is not limited to scratches and dents in metal, stone chips, missing pavé stones, loose prongs, rhodium fading, head tilting, and minor band reshaping.

Purposeful or Excessive Damage: Major damage that can occur due to improper care. Major damage can be classified as but is not limited to: severely misshapen bands, severed bands or heads, broken prongs, or damage that would require a full setting recast. Our team recommends avoiding sleeping, working out, showering or water activities, strenuous activities such as sports or manual tasks, or contact with chemicals and cleaning solutions while wearing your piece. These are the best preventable practices to keep your piece safe and secure.


Our Warranty Timelines explained:

While in the one year period, we will cover any incidental wear ant tear at no extra cost. The warranty comes into effect on the date that the purchaser receives the piece.

After the one year period, all repairs are covered at cost excluding purposeful or excessive damage. At cost means that you pay exactly what it costs for the repair to be completed, no additional fees. This begins on the date after the one year warranty expires.

Our team is always here to help with any repair needs and are always an email or phone call away!

Our warranty is only valid to the original purchaser/owner of the piece. Velvet Luxury pieces purchased by a resale method do not have a warranty attached to the new ownership parties.